Tony Goldwyn Directing The Last Kiss

- No one will forgive me if I don’t ask you about the closet scene.

- I think they have an extraordinary sexual connection that’s fueled by the friction and conflict. There’s a sort of rebound that creates a lot of energy; like, post-fight sex is always hot. But their sexual relationship is an extension about the degree to which they connect as human beings. She might have great sex with Jake — I don’t like to think about that! — but it’s different from what she and Fitz have. When you know someone so well, and you’re connected to them on such a deep level, it’s very unique.

- Tony Goldwyn on Vulture.

The interviewer is full of shit, but Tony shuts down every stupid claim people make about Fitz.

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"Post-fight sex is always hot."—Tony Goldwyn


Yes. Yes, it is, Tony!


Tony, let’s fight & play make up.

About Olivia and Fitz’s relationship…

“Yeah! You’re absolutely right. If you look at where season three concludes, yet again Fitz is the one who keeps insisting that the thing happen, which also, parenthetically, defies the cliché. People give me a lot of shit, saying, “You’re such a bad guy!” or that I’m the randy president, but the truth of it is that Fitz is the one who is trying to leave his marriage in an organized way, and he has again and again committed to Olivia. It always amuses me that people just sort of cling to the cliché that he’s the philanderer, poor Olivia, poor Mellie. I’m like, “Okay, whatever.” At the end of season three, he says we’re going to be together and have babies and that’s just how it’s going to be — and then she tells him about Mellie’s rape. Fitz has to take care of his wife. He and Olivia have this phone call and they obviously both agree that he cannot leave Mellie right now, so they have to wait. And Olivia is like, “I know, I wouldn’t love you if you did.” But again, it ain’t Fitz that pulls away! It’s Olivia that RUNS away! Every season, at the end, Olivia has run away. Why people blame me, I don’t know. [Laughs.]”

- Tony Goldwyn’s interview with vulture (That names fits them)

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Tony Goldwyn photographed by Henny Garfunkel in New York, in 2011 



Tony Goldwyn at the press conference for An American Rhapsody, in 2001