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YahooTV: 3 'Scandal' Moments That Prove Olivia and Fitz Will Never Be Over

Since Olivia Pope returned to town, she and Fitz have tried to steer clear of one another. He’s got a lot on his plate: a crazy, smelly, mourning wife; his own grief over the death of their son; and you know, a whole country to run. Meanwhile, she’s trying to move on with Jake and concentrate on work.

But on this week’s Scandal, that work brought them together, as Liv had to deal with First Daughter Karen’s sex tape. The episode showed that no matter what they say, Liv and Fitz will never be done. Here’s the proof:

1. Liv is the only one who can talk sense into Fitz

When Liv delivers Karen to the White House, Fitz genuinely looks like he’s about to throttle his daughter when Liv jumps in. She orders Karen to get checked up, then forcefully calms Fitz down. Yeah, this is his daughter, but “Every girl is someone’s daughter.” And right now, he has a task ahead of him — to track down whoever leaked the video.

2. Fitz relies on Olivia like nobody else

With Mellie off the deep end and Cyrus making poor choices in bed partners, Fitz only has Liv to count on. She’s always been there for him, with advice and help — until she left D.C. “Where did you go? You just took off for two months all alone?” he asks, all wounded and sad.

3. Fitz would die without Olivia

Not many women could say that the president of the United States needs them like water and air, but this is why Olivia Pope is Olivia Pope. “I almost died without you. Didn’t you miss me?” Fitz asks, drawing Liv close. For a moment, she forgets why they’re not together.

Liv’s eyes close and her knees buckle — and then reality sets in. She confesses to going away with Jake. He pushes her away, but we have a feeling that this won’t be the last time the flame is reignited.


Reasons why I ship Olitz and Terry:

Probably two of my favorite moments from the whole show. Their acting together is just so natural like it’s really easy to just get caught in them. They have amazing chemistry and they always seem so in sync and in tune with each other’s body and it’s just….magical to watch omf. It’s obvious that they really care about each other both on and off screen.